In an ever-evolving world, we realise the importance of future-proofing the services we offer to our stakeholders. With this imperative in mind, we have developed a dedicated customer portal that brings agility to your business. Through NBLStorefront, we intend to strengthen our relationship by ensuring that all your business' growth needs are covered.

We had a chat with Thomas Rechter, Owner of Joe’s Beerhouse; hear about his experience with the NBL Storefront:


• NBL Storefront allows him to place his orders at any time, from the convenience of his mobile phone (24/7 online shopping*).
• He now also has a single view and reporting of his own account
• Enjoying regular promotions that are exclusive to the NBL Storefront
• Overall, the platform offers a personalised shopping experience
*NB: while orders can be placed at any time, these will be processed during office hours

If you are an existing NBL Storefront Customer, feel free to access the portal here.

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