Posted on 30 September 2021


Thank you to all early birds Customers for joining the NBL Storefront! The journey to a renewed customer experience with NBL has now started.

While the Early Bird promotion has reached an end in September, stay tuned for the next exciting promotion, exclusive to NBL Storefront Customers only.

Starting from the 5th of October 2021, NBL Storefront is extending the Welcome Onboard Promotion to all Customers using this platform.

Here is how it works:

As NBL Storefront Customer, you automatically qualify to our Welcome Onboard promotion. This promotion is applicable on your first 4 orders placed on the platform only. For any order above N$ 4,999 you will have the opportunity to choose from the following options:

Get Discounts
Get three (3%) percent discount from any order that satisfies the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ**) placed exclusively on the NBL Storefront.

Or Get Free Product

Choose to receive an extra case of a Namibia Breweries Limited product instead. Of course, the number of cases increases with your order value (T&Cs apply). What’s more, you get to choose whether the extra case is of dumpies or cans. This gives you the opportunity to tailor the product choice to your preferences. What could get better than that?

Please note:

The 3% discount (max deduction of N$3,000 per order)

Free Cases of Product* (max addition of 10 cases of the same product per order)

For more imformation you can view the T&Cs here.

Remember, this benefit is available exclusively on the NBL Storefront and cannot be applied at any other point of payment. Any stock items forming part of this Promotion is subject to availability; products are available on a "while stocks last" basis. In case of unavailability of products, you will automatically be redirected to the Cash Discount option.

*T&Cs apply.
**MOQ is the minimum number of units required to be purchased per order. MOQ orders should include at least one of the following items per order:
• 10 assorted cases;
• 2x50 litres kegs;
• 3x30 litres kegs; or
• 5x20 litres kegs.

Terms and Conditions Apply