We are confidently and optimistically making our way through 2021.

The greatest take-out so far is our resilience as a nation. It is commendable how we continue to, as a nation, single-mindedly rally behind the safety and responsible consumption message; it #TakesaNation indeed. What an exemplary role the Namibian mind-set has taken; PROUD TO BE NAMIBIAN!

That said: we’re headed for the very-celebrated string of public holidays and most of us will be spending quite some time on the road. A considerable part of the holidays will be spent travelling to loved ones. It therefore goes without saying that it is time to elevate our voices to remind each other to adhere to Road Safety rules. Not only for ourselves, but each other too.

Driving under the influence is especially one of the issues that requires ongoing attention, and one that should be of utmost concern to everyone in our community. It is not a message that should be left to the government alone to reiterate.

Aligning with the #TakesANation campaign that we launched earlier last year, we’re further expanding on the narrative of community safety being every individuals’ responsibility. Yes, road safety is a collective responsibility; we are in this together, but it is our individual behaviour that makes the first difference.

The current phase of this campaign is inspired by the most powerful affirmations – those that are inspired by the conversations we have with ourselves. Those that bring us face to face with the somewhat irresponsible elements within us to make us aware of the thoughts and actions we should be addressing to ensure safe spaces.

Instead of focusing on the negative end result, let’s focus, rather, on the actions we should take to prevent negative end results.

Below stats from the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund for year to date comparison over 2019 to 2020 – over the period 1 January until 22 November:

2019 2020 % Change
Crashes 3 173 3 208 1.1%
Injuries 5 236 5 304 1.3%
Fatalities 524 527 0.6%

Namibia has seen thousands of innocent lives lost on our roads over the past years – a reality that has placed this country as one of the nations with the highest road accident- and fatality rates. Reckless behaviour and driving under the influence have been identified as major contributors to this unfortunate reality.

For more than a decade – since 2006, NBL has committed itself to support local road safety campaigns and promote responsible behaviour among road users. With the irresponsible and life-threatening act of driving under the influence of alcohol being one of the contributors to local road accidents and fatalities, NBL – as a leader in the Namibian alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages industry – has committed itself to the forefront of addressing this social threat.

Since our very first donation of 10 breathalysers in 2006 to the Namibian Police (NAMPOL), we have continued to support local efforts to curb road accidents. We have been a proud, passionate and relentless supporter and promoter of safer and responsible road usage, and will continue to support government and other stakeholders in the fight against unsafe road behaviour.

Our DON’T DRINK & DRIVE and ENJOY RESPONSIBLY campaigns over the past years were but a part of our contributions to this fight. Further initiatives by NBL also include our DRINKiQ Programme which has seen thousands of Namibians educated on the repercussions of alcohol abuse, and also empowered to make better decisions when consuming alcohol.


The NBL DRINKiQ Training Program forms part of NBL’s initiatives and ongoing efforts in supporting government’s fight against alcohol abuse and the societal repercussions thereof. Since the inception of the programme close to 6 570 participants were trained. This program enriches participants’ knowledge on the mental, psychological and physical risks involved when abusing alcohol, and provides them with the necessary IQ to understand the repercussions of alcohol abuse.

Lefa Drivers completed NBL DrinkiQ programme


Lefa Namibia’s drivers have officially been certified Drink Positive Ambassadors after successfully completing the NBL DRINKiQ Training Programme. The programme is specifically created to cover the mental, psychological, and physical risks of alcohol while providing tools to support informed choices about responsible alcohol consumption.