Our nine material ways of giving back support our purpose: Creating a Future, Enhancing Life.

By considering these matters, we ensure that NBL is increasing value for stakeholders today, and into the future. We create and share value through our operations and relationships. We do this by giving back to stakeholders from the returns gained as a market leader with a diversified portfolio, quality commitment, a unique culture and long-term growth opportunities.

By offering consumers in all segments a choice of exceptional quality beverage brands that are relevant, widely available and aspirational, we meet their evolving needs.

By providing career development, training and transformation opportunities, in addition to remuneration and rewards, we can support our employees in bringing their individual and our collective purpose to life.

We decrease our reliance on natural resources in terms of water and packaging through efficiency gains and waste management, to ensure the sustainability of our business for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

We empower communities through CSI initiatives, while also providing society with the benefits of regional sponsorships and events.

Through localisation efforts, we grow and support our supplier base beyond just offering contracts and making payments for materials and services.

We drive collaboration with our customers and strategic partner, Heineken, who benefit from synergies, expertise, growth opportunities and relationships of trust.

By being a good corporate citizen that does business responsibly, ethically and with transparency, we give our local and central governments the comfort that they can also rely on us to pay taxes and duties.

Our clearly defined strategy and purpose drive resilience and growth to ensure constant dividends and reliable repayments to our providers of financial capital.

We ensure effective risk management, particularly in IT, which results in meeting legislative and compliance requirements, while mitigating risk on behalf of our stakeholders.

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