NBL is a highly stakeholder-oriented business. Our emphasis is often not on the product we sell, but on how the entire business contributes to the well-being of the system in which we operate.

NBL takes its role as a corporate citizen seriously and therefore has long-standing partnerships with various Corporate Social Investment partners. While we support several activities that bring the O&L Purpose of Creating a Future, Enhancing Life to life, key elements in our CSI portfolio include our commitment to responsible drinking, environmental preservation, health and education as key drivers of social upliftment within communities.

We support and actively participate in the lives of our stakeholders. We realise that we, as a Group, can play an expanded role in bringing stakeholders together, and can inspire other parties to support and drive similar initiatives.

We remain sensitive to not creating dependency in any form but to use commercial opportunities to leverage our brands responsibly. We contemplate the scope, spread and nature of how we allocate capital and resources to be able to give back sustainably and in support of our purpose, Creating a Future, Enhancing Life.

We give back to our communities in Namibia in many ways. Our approach is to invest for sustainability and to use our scale and impact as part of the O&L Group. We work closely with the corporate affairs team at O&L Group in co-ordinating projects. The Group’s key focus areas are education and skills development.