Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) Customers are encouraged to renew their Liquor Licences before or on 31 March as per section 21 and section 22 of the Liquor Act, 1998. All applications for renewals must be submitted at the magistrate for the district in which the outlet is situated.

Liquor Licences not renewed on or before the 31 March will lapse and result in you having to apply for a new Liquor Licence in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Liquor Act (1998).Please be informed that NBL is obligated, by law, to not sell liquor to unlicensed outlets.

Customers are further encouraged to inform NBL of any changes in information on their Liquor Licence. This includes changes in trade name, type of licence, or address of the outlet.

NBL Customers are encouraged to click here to submit their renewed Liquor Licences.