“Natural and sustainable ingredients are not only creative options but could be an insurance policy in an era of extreme weather. As more people work remotely, beer and cider can serve as catalysts for out-of-home socialisation. Ongoing demand for alcohol-free products will require alcohol companies to diversify their portfolios.”

Mintel: The Future of Beer: 2020

We contributed to the development of the O&L Group 2025 Breakthrough Strategy and use the vision metrics to drive behaviour, decisions and impact. We measure our progress in terms of leadership, feedback in the Great Place to Work® survey, job opportunities created and our contribution to Group earnings before interest and tax. We have defined growth opportunities to explore going forward.

The Breakthrough Strategy guided us during the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused an overall increase in unemployment, inequality and poverty in Namibia. The private sector, including NBL, supported the public sector with significant donations to alleviate shortages in terms of facilities and equipment thus bolstering overall health services.

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