“Current market conditions demand that we compete for every litre we sell. Fortunately, NBL has a strong brand offering which enables us to defend market share in all segments.”

Marco Wenk

Managing Director

Our culture and breakthrough mindset carried us through a year where NBL employees demonstrated that nothing is impossible. Even the most unexpected challenges brought new ways to transform and improve the business, our lives and future. Our loyal consumers continued to buy their favourite brands, even though they were likely to have bought these from a different outlet and consumed their beverage in a different setting than before.

Beer volumes in Namibia almost matched those achieved in 2019, which at that time showed healthy growth for the first time in two years. 2021 volumes increased by 13% against 2020 and decreased by 2% compared to 2019. Last year, overall volumes dipped by -16.6% compared to 2019 due to severely impacted trade as a result of the pandemic across most of our markets.

Namibian beer volumes constituted 75% of total beer volumes this year, despite difficult trading conditions and disrupted supply chains. South African volumes, on the other hand, were severely constrained due to alcohol bans and trade restrictions.

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