“Looking back over the landscape of the past financial year, we recognise the many marks left by the COVID-19 pandemic. There is also more new growth than expected, and we face the next year with renewed optimism.”

Sven Thieme

NBL Chairperson

NBL’s performance in a difficult year is testimony to the success of a breakthrough model that relies on continuous discussions, communication and feedback between people, managers and employees. It creates a world of identifying goals, taking stands, performance coaching and taking ownership of growing ourselves.

As the world experiences a time of tumultuous change, NBL is committed to remaining at the cutting edge of innovation that speaks to the progressive aspirations of its market. Our agile leadership and collaborative approach enable us to take the lead in shaping the future for our business, industry and country. The launch of Horizon, a non-alcoholic flavoured beer, is a reflection of this passion, appealing to a broad spectrum of palates and drinking occasions.

Our beer brands continued to demonstrate their strength and resilience and won several international awards. Furthermore, Windhoek Draught and Tafel Lager both retained their top market positions in Namibia – the former taking the lead this year.

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